Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Bruckmann, Marcus Sen.Art. Mag. art.


Titel des Beitrags: Du-Wo
Name des Mediums: All Design (Print)
Datum: 01.12.2008
Beschreibung: The way you look at, think of and communicate about an object interferes and changes its quality as a subject. Our project(ion) focuses on an area at Suzhou river in Shanghai, where growth, speed and time have different measurements than in the surrounding (usually called) developed areas and points it out as a remarkably rich and extraordinary place. But the project also works the other way round: us being the objects, the site being the subject. Therefore it is also about how the experiences we all had there enriched us. Like the people living onsite, we use common materials and treat them in a straightforward way. But by putting additional content into it we fake and hack - the usual objects we got information from before coming to Shanghai (internet services, travel guides) - common objects for tourists staying in Shanghai (postcards, maps) - and finally we assume a global hype on this micro-cultural system (DuWo) By changing the way of perception we create a place to go to, to learn from and to use as a very creative role model for urban societies with a lot of problems already solved, on which economically higher developed areas worldwide nowadays work on very hard: social connectedness, interaction of all kinds of human activities (living, working, leisure), being rooted in your life as an individual.
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