Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Schöny, Roland Univ.-Lekt. BA


Titel der Veranstaltung: ars telefonica – phonebox 2008
VeranstalterIn: Centre for Visual Introspection, Bukarest
Titel des Vortrags: We have no chance, but take it. Public art in the struggle of different interest (keynote speaker)
Datum: 26.09.2009
Beschreibung: Automatically artists appear in a contradictory context of interests, when they intend to conceptualize projects for the public space. In general they are confronted with awarding authorities, who wish to get aesthetical furniture and decorations for urban situations codified with the signature of prominence. Or artists should be part of the increasing trend to activate and animate the inhabitants of suburban quarters. Especially in western metropolises artistic interventions and practises, which are understood as advanced service to the public and as a part of the discourse around participation, seem to become trivial routine. On the other hand permanent and autonomous artistic works in the public sphere are staged near the sensitive borderline of appropriation by the forces of political representation. Frequently public art is seen as a contemporary element of city marketing. A short visual overview on different projects of the last years in Europe together with projects and interventions, that initialized the take off of publicartvienna will be the fundament for a differentiated discussion of the present status of art in the public sphere.
URL: http://www.pplus4.ro/arstelefonicaen.html
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