Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Schöny, Roland Univ.-Lekt. BA


Titel der Veranstaltung: Visual construction of territories – surveillance and panoptical view
VeranstalterIn: Canal Chapters New York, NY 10012
Titel des Vortrags: Visual construction of territories – surveillance and panoptical view (invited speaker)
Datum: 17.09.2008
Beschreibung: The current transformation of the perception of space, caused by new national, ideological and economic borders – especially in Central Europe – in conjunction with the new localization of view via satellite navigation and surveillance systems led to a paradigm shift in the understanding of geography that hits the focus of visual art rapidly. Similar to the Renaissance's central perspective or the definition of a standard scale in cartography, which was facilitated by aerial photography later, the transfer between art and geography reaches a historically completely new dimension. After the area of several artistic positions dealing with the aesthetic of video surveillance artists start to reflect the age of panoptical view via webcam, weather TV or CCTV. Obviously they use the visual material as ready-made footage of the reality. Some of these productions develop a new kind of existentialism. In general questions about the localization of the subject in the urban and the medial context are posed. To put a light on this phenomenon and to analysis the strategies of transfer between the parameters of scientific cartography and its representation in contemporary art a historical overview will give different examples in fine arts. A discussion of positions of the current art production will follow.
URL: http://www.canalchapternyc.com/news.php
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