Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Krishnapilla, Praved Univ.-Ass.

Öffentliches (mediales) Erscheinen künstlerischer Arbeiten

Titel der Produktion: Corners (2008 / sonstiges)
Datum des Erscheinens: 25.11.2008
Medium: Film/DVD (Österreich)
Programschiene / Rubrik: Kurzfilm
Beschreibung: Corners represents an attempt to interact with perpendicular obstacles throughout the city of Vienna. By filming and editing these sequences as we did, one can easily discern a certain flow as all of the elements are integrated into a cohesive challenge in maneuvering around, over, under and through these temporary and permanent urban structures. It offers a range of patterns, pace, texture, color, and contrast of a city that is well-built, but not to the point where one can’t shift the way that it is experienced. You have to learn how to appreciate and yield rewards from your city’s, often restrictive, infrastructure in a multitude of different ways. You have to refresh your perception of the function of your city. We believe that with a slight shift of one’s understanding, the city unfolds and offers plenty to play with. This is precisely what we have attempted to convey in this brief, exploratory film.
URL: http://www.filmvideo.at/filmdb_display.php?id=1748&type=5&len=de
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