Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Bruckmann, Marcus Sen.Art. Mag. art.


Titel des Beitrags: Space Content Transparency
Name des Mediums: Compactprojects 2010 (Print)
Programmschiene / Rubrik: Kompaktwochen 2010
Jahrgang: 2010
Beschreibung: Space Content Transparency In architecture inflatable rooms are an excep- tion. Nevertheless, like everything in architec- ture they define an inside and outside, the room shaping skin forms a limitation. In case the skin is transparent, depending on the po- sition, the rooms are permeable to water or diaphanous, the edge becomes blurred, but cannot be denied. In case also the content is transparent, blankness appears in which the glance wanders off. If air is replaced, whole world can arise or a whole workshop group finds its place. Without air the room can be carried away in a bag. An inflatable and accessible sausage made of PVC foil, with an aperture of 180 cm and a length of more than 40 m was in that case the object of discussion. In our workshop, we fathomed the possibilities of the material, the geometry of patterns, the local factors we came across, as well as social get-together. The original object of an accessible sausage was dissected, deformed, squeezed, laced, glued, compressed into structures and finally, reassembled into five jointly connected pneu- matic figures. Especially the possibility to work in a scale of 1:1 and to implement the conceived rooms, tangible and open for access, was challenge as well as fun.
URL: http://www.uni.li/Portals/0/docs/ar/Kompaktprojekte/CP_10_Broschüre%20low.pdf
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