Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Pfeffer, Roman Sen.Lect. Mag.art.


Veranstaltung: photomeetings Luxembourg
VeranstalterIn: ARTfountain a.s.b.l., Luxembourg (Luxemburg)
Zeitraum: 06.09.2011 bis 10.09.2011
Beschreibung: The theme “voyeur - the hidden photographer” considers ways in which photography can reveal the world unawares and show people caught with their guard down. This idea begins with the technologies that have allowed images to be made surreptitiously, from nineteenth-century cameras hidden in walking sticks, shoes or inside suit-jackets, to twentieth-century devices such as the lateral view-finder which allows the photographer to apparently face one direction while taking a picture in another. The notion of the Hidden Photographer also extends to the practices of photographers that enable them to 'capture' images stealthily or by surprise. Europe learning together: 8 universities and colleges from 5 European countries take part at Photomeetings Luxembourg.  As a European cross-country project, 2011 will see 60 students from the photography, video and media departments of these colleges, artistically questioning and creating.
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