Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Glaeser, Georg o. Univ.-Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn.


Veranstaltung: 15th Scientific-Professional Colloquium on Geometry and Graphics
VeranstalterIn: Croatian Society for Geometry and Graphics (HDGG), Tuheljske Toplice (Kroatien)
Zeitraum: 04.09.2011 bis 08.09.2011
Beschreibung: Vortrag: Continental drift and oceanic conveyor belt - a geometrical pleading for the globe Even in the 21st century, one can find illustrations of global issues on our planet in popular scientific and also scientific papers, where extremely distorting mappings of the sphere almost impede immediate understanding of the situation. One can see orbits of satellites or terminator lines that look like baggy sine curves or the “global oceanic conveyor belt” that surrounds the Antarctic several times such that one can see almost straight parts of the currents going from left to right several times. The Antarctic continent itself, parts of which perfectly fit to the Australian and the South American continent, appears as strangely shaped strip. This should not happen in the age of computational geometry. We will show ostensive pictures and computer animations that demonstrate how understanding can be promoted by correct spherical geometry.
URL: http://www.grad.unizg.hr/sgorjanc/tuhelj/program.pdf
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