Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Kräftner, Bernd Sen.Lect. Dr.

Ausstellungen / Aufführungen

Bezeichnung der Präsentation: Coded Cultures: Electrodermal activity of a hare. A fairy tale.
Art der Präsentation: Gruppenausstellung
Präsentationsort: Museumsquartier, Wien (Österreich)
Zeitraum: 24.09.2011 bis 20.11.2011
Beschreibung: mixed media, Shared Inc. 2011, Mixed Media, Based loosely on: The hare and the hedgehog, J. u W. Grimm. With the help of Grandville and M. Serres. The work "Electrodermal activity of a hare" was developed in the course of the research project: "Pillow Research: multiple diagnoses and hidden talents" within the translational program of the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF L528). It  intends to bring together academic and artistic approaches to manifest and contribute to questions of public and philosophical involvement in the field of neurosciences, clinical medicine and patient’s care. It is designed as a collaborative research approach in the context of the long-term care of severely disabled patients.
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