Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jahrmann, Margarete Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Dr.phil.

Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: EU Forschungsprojekt TEF "Technology, Exchange and Flow"
Auftraggeberin: HERA Humanities in the European Research Aera
Zeitraum: 03/2010 bis 03/2013
Beschreibung: Individual Project Vienna/ IP03 of the HERA Programme TEF/ Technology Exchange and Flow Individual Project Leader: Dr. Margarete Jahrmann, CIs: Prof. Brigitte Felderer, Dr. Fares Kayali, Josef Schuh MSc This research project explores the yet under-explored interconnection between creativity and innovation and questions the concept of “Produsage” (Bruns 2008) within contemporary Game and “Alternate Reality Game” (Mc Goonigal 2006) productions in arts and creative industries – informed by historic media developments. This study seeks to identify the new category of prosumers in contemporary distributive media, which are consequent on games culture. The term Prosumer is a portmanteau formed by contracting either the word ‚professional’ or ‚producer’ with ‚consumer’ (Toffler 1980). This concept was elaborated in the 1990s in terms of collaborative production in design and more recently has been developed in networked environments as Produsage (Bruns 2008). The aim of this project is to analyse this phenomenon by discussing the idea of a knowledge-based Prosumer Game in the form of a public exhibition.
URL: http://trans-techresearch.net/tef/
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