Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jutz, Gabriele Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.phil.

Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: Einreichung PEEK (FWF), Projektleitung: Edgar Lissel
Auftraggeberin: Universität für angewandte Kunst
Zeitraum: 01/2014 bis 04/2014
Beschreibung: Retrograde Technicity in Artistic Photographic and Cinematic Practices Since the early 1990s, the use of “obsolete” media and technologies has figured prominently in contemporary art. What is remarkable about this turn to the so-called outmoded is the sheer range of inventiveness with which “old” media are applied, bestowing upon them new and original uses. Rather than merely playing with history, this engagement with the materiality and historicity of technology in general and photography and cinema in particular offers a way of (re-)interrogating the very idea of these media and of making manifest their inherent qualities. Assembling an international and trans-disciplinary team of artists and scholars, this arts-based research project will explore the widespread pursuit of photographic and cinematic devices from the viewpoint of “retrograde technicity.” The project will be led by Edgar Lissel, whose artistic work exemplifies the topic. The question at the center of this project is: What does this recourse to outdated techniques and procedures mean from an artistic, technical, aesthetic and historical perspective, and what critical potential does it have? The term “technicity” is employed here in a broad sense, ranging from the use of hardware apparatus to bodily practices within the fields of the photographic and the cinematic. The replacement of technical devices of a “higher” order by those of a “lower” order can take a variety of forms. It can include such artistic strategies as (1) the deliberate under-use of software (encompassing all processes related to film stock or photographic material, such as camera-less photography or handmade techniques); (2) the deliberate under-use of hardware (such as modified cameras or projectors); or (3) photography and film achieved by other, older means – that is, the migration of the photographic/cinematic into another medium (such as drawing or performance). Retrograde technicity cannot be explained exclusively as a reaction to the digital age, because it has existed in earlier times, as in the historical avant-garde. In cooperation with our international partners, participating artists and advisers, our project will provide an experimental platform for arts-based research that will benefit all participants. This project will result in both a new methodology for artistic research as well as a theoretical insight into the concept of retrograde technicity. One of the key methodological tools and means of dissemination will be the project website, which will document the research process and results while at the same time assembling a large-scale, evolving database of both contemporary and historical artworks that exemplify retrograde technicity. The most important outcomes will include the production of “proof of concept” art works, an exhibition, an international conference and the publication of an artists’ book.
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