Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Sam, Franz Univ.-Lekt. Arch. Dipl.-Ing.


Titel der Veranstaltung: Form Rule Form
VeranstalterIn: Universität Innsbruck Fakultät für Architektur KOGE
Titel des Vortrags: Hoheit über die Form - Sovereignty on Form (Vortrag auf Einladung)
Zeitraum: 16.01.2015 bis 17.01.2015
Co-Vortragende(r): Filz , Greiner , Preisinger
Beschreibung: The Question behind the Symposium 2015 “Fishing for Form” „Are you hunting or are you fishing for Form? “ is our research question behind the Symposium Form-Rule|Rule-Form 2015. Simultaneously and instead of ex-cathedra teaching in terms of presenting facts and data this is the question that Students of Architecture are facing in their first lecture on Structure and Design at the Institute of Design, unit koge. Structure and Design........ Günther H. Filz, Christian Scheiber, Walter Klasz November, 2014 sovereignty on form Hoheit über die Form Beitrag zum symposium FORM-RULE/RULE-FORM shortcut content: Architects should not loose or give away their common behaviour of handling any form in a sovereign way. They must be aware that the immanent connecting process between form material and technology is the one that decides in terms of technique and design the product of building constructions. It is the overall knowledge about contributing processes that makes sure that at the end that - piece - makes sense and represents architecture as well. Creating form means deciding building constructions in a reasonable manner. Knowing about geometry is a deciding necessity as well as the ability in arranging sure systems of building construction elements. An architect has to be aware what means to choose form, material or technology or to change these. Loosing control concerning form means that at the end that the loss of that piece of architecture being achieved is evident. I have sent you the 3d file cannot be the last sentence in contributing with experts. It has to be the first being the sovereign on form. Franz Sam 16.01.2015
URL: http://koge.at/?page_id=4183
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