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Bezeichnung der Präsentation: H-A-L-F-A-M-A-N
Art der Präsentation: Einzelausstellung
Präsentationsort: Aotu, Peking (China)
Datum: 06.02.2015
Beschreibung: H-A-L-F-A-M-A-N Jagrut Raval & Wolfgang Obermair Opening 07 Feb 2015, 5pm Exhibition open from 07 Feb – 21 Feb "The reason is that the whole-part relation itself is deficient, 'untrue' inasmuch as its concept and reality do not correspond. The concept of the whole is to contain; but if the whole is taken and made to be what its concept implies, i.e., a whole in contrast to its parts, then it is divided, then it ceases to be a whole" (Hegel, Philosophy of Right) The exhibition of Indian artist Jagrut Raval and German artist Wolfgang Obermair targets the basic meaning of the term "sharing". The German word ‘teilen’ (to put somthing in parts) and the Hindi word ‘Bhaag’ (a portion of the whole) - expresses both ‘share’ and ‘divide’. The ambilance in the word ‘Sharing’ connotes many meanings that touches upon social, military and geopolitical dimensions. A latent potential of aggression and frustration is ascribed to that term – it also depicts a ‘Loss’. To share something means to destroy the whole.   Jagrut Raval and Wolfgang Obermair are currently artists-in-residents at Red Gate Gallery, Beijjng.
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