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Titel der Veranstaltung: Symposium
VeranstalterIn: arge/kunst
Titel des Vortrags: SPACES OF ANTICIPATION (invited speaker)
Zeitraum: 20.11.2015 bis 22.11.2015
Co-Vortragende(r): Stephen Wright (researcher, Collège International de Philosophie, Paris), Manuel Segade, curator (Rotterdam), Lorenzo Sandoval, artist and curator (Berlin)
Beschreibung: KEYNOTE LECTURES Roberto Poli (UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems, University of Trento) Stephen Wright (writer and researcher, Collège International de Philosophie, Paris). ROUNDTABLE Bar Project (organization, Barcelona); Roberto Gigliotti, Professor UNIBZ (Bolzano); Emanuele Guidi, artistic director ar/ge kunst; Krüger & Pardeller, artists (Vienna); Lorenzo Sandoval, artist and curator (Berlin); Manuel Segade, curator (Rotterdam). The forthcoming symposium at ar/ge kunst is the third iteration of the research project Spaces of Anticipation by Lorenzo Sandoval and Emanuele Guidi. The project began in May 2014 with an initial symposium at the EACC in Castellón and was followed by the research exhibition Making Room – Spaces of Anticipation at ar/ge kunst from June to July 2014. Anticipation, both as ‘looking ahead’ and ‘looking forward’, evokes an idea of expectation and excitement towards what and who is yet to come. It also suggests the idea of taking action in the present to get prepared for potential encounters. Anticipation is becoming a field of study in itself, a field that continuously analyses present conditions to respond to upcoming events, developments and trends. Starting from these considerations and implications, the project Spaces of Anticipation looks at this manifold notion in relation to artistic and cultural institutions. It proposes various strands of research that might help to define the fields of action in which institutions work and communicate with their communities. In these terms, the word anticipation is proposed as a conceptual and linguistic prop, a support from which the research unfolds and around which various positions are gathered in discussing institutional models, practices and attitudes. The symposium brings together various contributors: artists, curators and researchers who, in their own practices and investigations, expand the grammar of exhibition making by intertwining it with other formats of (collective) knowledge production and distribution. Accordingly, their attention to forms of orality and ‘narratorship’, to the practices of care and hospitality and to the politics of time and display are essential when discussing modes of relations and exchange that can be established through and within the institution.
URL: http://www.argekunst.it/en/spaces-of-anticipation-un-simposio/
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