Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Kräftner, Bernd Sen.Lect. Dr. (Derzeit nicht im Personalstand der Angewandten)


Titel der Veranstaltung: Revisiting Practice: Arts, Sciences, and Experimentation.
VeranstalterIn: Istituto Svizzero di Roma
Titel des Vortrags: Greetings from ComaClinicoHill. Cross medial research. (invited speaker)
Zeitraum: 21.10.2015 bis 23.10.2015
Beschreibung: REVISITING PRACTICE: ARTS, SCIENCES, AND EXPERIMENTATION International Conference Convened by Philippe Sormani (Istituto Svizzero di Roma), Guelfo Carbone (Istituto Svizzero di Roma) and Priska Gisler (Berne University of Arts) Of late, the relationship between the arts and sciences has become a topic of scholarly discussion and, at times, political and moral concern, leading to a renewed “debate on research in the arts”. This debate has recently been sparked by reforms in European higher education, transforming former art schools into universities of applied sciences or universities of the arts. Consequently, the debate has tended to rehearse terminological and institutional issues, regarding the character and legitimacy of “research” on, for, and/or in the “arts”. Rare, however, remain detailed investigations of artistic practices in situ and in vivo, investigations that devote a similar ethnographic attention to “research in the making” as this had famously been the case for the laboratory sciences. It is against this background, then, that the present conference invites its participants to engage in revisiting practices at the manifold intersections of the arts and sciences, with a particular focus on experimentation across these domains (e.g. Rheinberger 2012). The focus on experimentation shall allow us to discuss an argument made by art and science historians, the argument according to which “what much of (a conventional) focus on ‘art’ and ‘science’ as discrete products ignores are the commonalities in the practices that produce them” (Jones & Galison 1998:2). More broadly, the conference addresses the current relationship(s) between institutional discourses and practical inquiries in the arts and sciences, a topic that seems all the more pertinent given the alleged “de-marcations” (Entgrenzungen) of both domains
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