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Titel der Ausst. / Veranstaltung: WORKSHOP: Build and hack the Trinity synth
Veranstaltende Einrichtung: Art & Science department, Vienna (Österreich)
Funktion: Inhaltliche Leitung einer Veranstaltungsreihe
Beschreibung: by Bastl Instruments (Ondrej Merta, Vàclav Pelousek) In collaboration with Valerie Deifel & Bernd Kräftner As part of the Care chapter: Care for (technological) Instruments, Ondrej and Vàclav ran a 2-day workshop on Bastl Instruments. 'Bastl Instruments is dynamic and community driven company focused on producing hand-made electronic musical instruments. The products we make mainly spring from our needs we have as musicians and range from tabletop instruments and utilities to modules for eurorack modular systems. We are based in Brno, Czech Republic where we also run a small shop called noise.kitchen . It all started in 2011 as Standuino and transformed into Bastl in 2013.' The workshop focused on building and learning the Trinity synthesizer, but also on hacking the instruments with the possibility of attaching sensors or coding entirely new firmware. The building process was guided by explaining the basics of electronics and soldering. Because the Trinity can be re-programmed every participant learnt how to upload different kinds of firmwares and understand their software architecture - a gate into hacking the synthesizer. The Trinity synthesizer is Arduino compatible and all hacking can be further expanded by the users through the powerful open-source online knowledge base. The Trinity can be used as a drum machine - drone synth - polyphonic synth voice or noisy fm synth. The Trinity can natively speak MIDI and with side connectors, the different Trinity Instruments can be easily connected and synchronized.
URL: http://http-artsience.uni-ak.ac.at/
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