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Titel der Ausst. / Veranstaltung: MINISYMPOSIUM - THE PROJECT: Reflecting on the logic of project economies
Veranstaltende Einrichtung: Art & Science department, Vienna (Österreich)
Funktion: Inhaltliche Leitung einer Veranstaltungsreihe
Beschreibung: Minisympoisum THE PROJECT: Reflecting on the logic of project economies Marianne Badura - Managing Partner, blue! Advancing European Project Monika Krause - Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London Andrew Newman - Artist & Researcher Christian Reder - Consultant & Writer The term “project” designates a universal currency of our time. Like a turbulent flow of smaller or bigger packages of time, space and energy it penetrates almost every domain of our lives. Working, teaching, studying, researching, frequently becomes a matter of taking part in this project economy. In this minisymposium we would like to ask how acting within the framework of definable projects affects decision-making and knowledge production in more solid structures like institutions, organisations, programs and disciplines. How does “projectification” shape education and learning by creating new hidden curricula? Do projects help to promote initiative and responsibility, and, do they help to create greater efficiency and flexibility through goal-oriented work? Our guests will help to reflect upon these and other issues by referring to the following fields: project development and strategy consulting relating to EU funding, intricacies of the decision-making process at NGOs, project work in the arts, and the creation of cryptocurrencies. The topic of the minisymposium relates to the “Atlas making” project in the Art&Science master’s program this year. Here, the notion of an atlas connects to a collective empiricism of a scientific discipline (sometimes described as a collection of images). Interestingly, today this knowledge generation in the form of formatting presumably short-lived facts into costly publications seems to become a rare event. Rather, knowledge is produced and documented in complex bureaucratic files, digital and web based archives, electronic patient records and, of course, by projects of all sorts. Concept & realisation: Bernd Kräftner in collaboration with Brishty Alam & Valerie Deifel
URL: http://http-artsience.uni-ak.ac.at/
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