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Name: John Law
Herkunftsinstitution: Open University & Lancaster University (Großbrit. u. Nordirland)
Zweck des Aufenthalts: Workshop discussion- Balance of betrayal. From Daufisk to wàn wù 萬物 – Intersecti
Zeitraum: 08.07.2015 bis 08.07.2015
Beschreibung: Balance of betrayal. From Daufisk to wàn wù 萬物 – Intersections between ‘Western’ and ‘other’ forms of knowledge. Workshop discussion with John Law. John Law held career posts at Keele, Lancaster and the Open University. Currently he is Emeritus Professor at the Open University’s Department of Sociology. He was previously also a director of CRESC, the OU-Manchester University ESRC-funded Centre for Research on Sociocultural Change. He held a visiting appointment at Technologies in Practice at the IT University in Copenhagen, and will be located in the Centre for Advanced Studies at Oslo University in the autumn of 2015. John Law has been awarded the 2015 J.D.Bernal Prize by the Society for Social Studies of Science for his work in STS (Science & Technology Studies) Known especially as a founder of Actor-Network Theory, John Law has conducted groundbreaking studies of co-existing modes of ordering, complexities, ambivalences, topologies, and their political implications. Keywords: On / After Method Material Semiotics Ontological Politics Equivoaction Artist’s/Ethnographer’s Envy www.heterogeneities.net
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