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Name: Imogen Stidworthy
Zweck des Aufenthalts: Vortrag & Workshop
Zeitraum: 02.12.2014 bis 05.12.2014
Beschreibung: Point Clouds and Wormholes These terms refer to aspects of Imogen Stidworthys research methodology: the point cloud as a network of reference points - usually in the form of an image, word, or fragment of text - which describe a field of research, as well as the 3D laser-scanning technique (point clouds) which she has been using in a number of works since 2010. The wormhole is an analogy to understand those points not as markers of a topography, but as passages to enter the dimension of a bigger thought, idea, or a more complex image, perhaps embodied in a particular narrative or history. Imogen Stidworthy will talk about her research and methodologies, through consideration of a small number of works spanning many years. These form a loose genealogy to the recent installation Balayer - A Map of Sweeping, and trace her evolving interest in the space of the voice and subjectivity, within and outside language.
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