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Bezeichnung der Präsentation: X. marks the spot
Art der Präsentation: Einzelausstellung
Präsentationsort: AIRY, Kofu-shi (Österreich)
Zeitraum: 15.04.2014 bis 30.04.2014
Beschreibung: “ X. had spent the largest part of her life believing that she was someone. In X. defense it has to be said that she wasn’t the only one who had been possessed by the thought of being someone. When X. had finally gotten to the bottom of things, when she had realised that she was indeed noone, that she was no more or less special than anyone else, she had felt betrayed. Had she not been promised, in a way, that even if she wasn’t someone now, that the possibility existed that she could be someone if she worked at it hard enough? Had she not been told for years, maybe all her life, that there were goals to be reached, success to be achieved, that somewhere fortune was waiting just for her? At first X. felt betrayed, then aggrieved, then surprised. At last she stopped trying to find her purpose in life, stopped trying to improve herself, stopped wanting to be someone. She started to be noone and felt imperturbable. ”
URL: http://www.student.uni-ak.ac.at/s0604849/xmarksthespot-ausstellung-finalpdf-web.pdf
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