Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jaschke, Beatrice Sen.Sc. Mag.


Titel der Veranstaltung: Tagung und Workshop
VeranstalterIn: Dobrila Denegri
Titel des Vortrags: Transfashional (Vortrag auf Einladung)
Zeitraum: 20.10.2016 bis 21.10.2016
Co-Vortragende(r): Prof. Barbara Putz-Plecko
Beschreibung: NO LIABILITY IS TAKEN FOR WARDROBE FORMS OF RESISTANCE IN FASHION AND PRODUCTION How is fashion produced? How does fashion produce us? And what can we do? These were the main questions that was asking the /ecm master class for exhibition theory and practice at the discourse project that took place at the Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL) at the beginning of the year 2016. The curators understood the topic of fashion and production on several layers. Fashion, looked at as the nodal point of a complex mesh of material, historical, economic, sociological and political interrelations, was examined from activist, artistic, queer-feminist, and urbanist points of view. The common denominator for all these perspectives was the contentious character of fashion. A red thread ran from there through a course of utopias, disruptions and norms, appropriation and re-appropriation, until finally arriving at present options for handling the entanglement of fashion and industry. Also, the potential of collective practices and alternative organizational structures was contrasted with an individualized capitalist logic of manufacture. The project was organised in cooperation with the Collections and the Textile-Class of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. For more than a year we worked on the exhibition and had time to ask many questions: How is it possible to become a space of agency? How can you expose fashion without using mannequins? How can you show different layers without using too much text? How can you ask urgent questions without getting moralistic? Barbara Putz-Plecko and Beatrice Jaschke will discuss these and other questions and present strategies and approaches they used to set up the project.
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