Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Laven, Rolf HS-Prof. MMag.art. Dr.phil.

Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: CEFR - VL "Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy"
Auftraggeberin: Europ. Kommission Comenius-Projekt für European Network Visual Literacy (ENViL)
Zeitraum: 01/2014 bis 03/2016
Beschreibung: Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy (CEFR_VL) on behalf of the European Network for Visual Literacy(ENViL) Why a CEFR_VL? We live in an increasingly visual culture. Pictures play an important role in public and private communication. Visualizations strongly influence the way we perceive the world. Visual design decides about economic success or failure and by this about economic growth and jobs. Caricatures can decide whether your life is threatened. Visual objects and presentations influence what we believe and how we believe. And last but not least, life without visual art and design lacks beauty and imagination. Therefore, to be visually literate is important for a fully developed person but also for a responsible and empowered citizen. Definition Visual Literacy In the CEFR_VL publication preference is given to the definition of Visual Literacy as given by Brill, Kim & Branch (2001, p.9): “Visual literacy is a group of acquired sub-competencies for interpreting and composing visible messages. A visually literate person is able to: a. discriminate, and make sense of visible objects as part of a visual acuity, b. create static and dynamic visible objects effectively in a defined space, c. comprehend and appreciate the visual testaments of others, d. and conjure objects in the mind’s eye.” In contrast to the description given above there is a discrepancy between the importance of Visual Literacy and its too often marginal position in education. This calls for a combined effort to reduce this gap. Therefore in 2010 a European Network for Visual Literacy (ENViL) was founded with more than 60 researchers, curriculum developers and teacher trainers from nine European countries. The network began a bottom-up process for the development of a “Common Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy”(CEFR_VL). This framework aims to be a tool for the development of curricula, lesson plans and assignments as well as assessment instruments.
URL: http://envil.eu/
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