Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Bohatsch, Jonas Univ.-Lekt. Mag.art.


Bezeichnung: Feeling & thinking in the age of A.I.
Einrichtung: School of machines, making & make believe
Zeitraum: 03.04.2017 bis 28.04.2017
Beschreibung: Feeling & thinking in the age of A.I.

How can a deeper understanding of feeling and thinking help us define our ideal relationships with future machines?

We're thrilled to invite applications for our first creative research residency. It's a residency in three parts: self-initiated learning, group teaching and sharing, and community outreach set to take place this spring in Belgrade, Serbia.

Through participation in this program, attendees will have a unique opportunity to investigate topics related to creative artificial intelligence and machine learning for artists with a group of like-minded peers and experienced mentors for up to four-weeks, this April 2017. Individually, and as a group, we'll spend time examining the ethical and sociocultural dimensions of machine learning, while discussing issues of significance surrounding the ever-increasing integration of these thinking machines into our daily lives. We'll also explore the implications of perception and the notion and possibilities of future feeling machines. This program will coincide with Belgrade's beloved annual Resonate festival dedicated to creative technology, audiovisual and music performance.
URL: http://schoolofma.org/past-programs/
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