Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Aschwanden, Daniel Univ.-Lekt.

Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehre

Lehrtätigkeit: WORKSHOP Leiter, Performance, Tanz
Partnereinrichtung: BEIJING DANCE ACADEMY
Zeitraum: 18.09.2017 bis 29.09.2017
Beschreibung: Working presentation Studio 5A, Friday, September 29th 14.30 h – 16 h 46 Students between 2nd Grade and 4th Grade participated in a 2 weeks workshop with performer and choreographer Daniel Aschwanden Inspired by old chinese myths around Pan Hao, a divine Dog appearing on earth and starting to live together with humans and, after transformation intermarrying with them, the work with the students started on both technical but also creative levels. Technically it was about improvisation techniques, physically on elements of Contact Improvisation and Butoh Dance, as well as an introduction into bodywork for dancers. Contentwise we worked on the movement language of a (personal) dog character as well as on transformations into hybrids between dog and human. In improvisations we approved our movement materials and started to assemble structured improvisations. We worked with introducing different dance codes from ballet to „pedestrian movements“. In open settings we practised free improvisations both in small and also larger groups. We set out at creating urban contemporary takes of the old narrative and braught our material to a nearby hutong to experience site specific conditions. The dog-men, the hybrids between animals and human are a metaphor for „strangers“ for otherness. It is the other, that in fact is necessary to recognize one´s own culture, to become conscious. And the other in the end is not just something to fear, but much rather to integrate.
URL: http://www.art-urban.org
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