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Ausstellungen / Aufführungen

Bezeichnung der Präsentation: GOLDBERG 365_variationen
Art der Präsentation: Performance
Präsentationsort: HARE intl. Dance Festival, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Zeitraum: 15.03.2018 bis 17.03.2018
Beschreibung: Inspired by and as hommage to, "realtime composer“ and improviser Steve Paxton goldberg365 started as a project of ongoing improvisation in public space on a daily basis, dancing and performing, using the frame of the so called Goldberg-variations bei baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Aschwandens interests are mostly focused on adapting and performing the variations in public space, related to, and within the textures of the urban, as a nonlinear mapping, taking along phisical forms of thinking with the body. Measuring the spaces and locations, the not outspoken there, the defined as well as the undefined. Stage designer Stephanie Rauch created a portable space marker which, once unfolded intervenes in the everyday life, supports place making. The series lasting over a period of 365 days speaking about potential relations of art and life in the context of public and privat space. Goldberg 365 intended to vary the variation on all levels: sound, space, movement. Aschwanden often uses a version created especially for the event by Beijing experimental musician Liu Xinyu relating to the the original of Johann Sebastian Bach.
URL: http://www.art-urban.org
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