Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Fraunberger, Andreas Univ.-Lekt. DI (FH) Dr.phil.

Öffentliches (mediales) Erscheinen künstlerischer Arbeiten

Titel der Produktion: Escape Velocity (2018 / sonstiges)
Datum des Erscheinens: 22.06.2018
Medium: Virtual Reality (Österreich)
Programschiene / Rubrik: Oculus GO
Beschreibung: Escape Velocity is a VR experience that puts the audience into the minds of four refugees that were forced to leave their respective home countries. The audience gets to experience their very personal stories from the viewpoint of the main protagonist - filmed in stereoscopic 360 ° video and presented in VR. Many people perceive the refugees coming to Europe as one nameless, faceless mob that threatens their social security and way of living. We want to help change that perception by letting our audience experience life from the perspective of four individuals who are just as relatable, complex and “real” as anyone else. They do have names. They do have faces. And they have all kinds of interesting stories to tell.
URL: http://www.jungeroemer.net/escape_velocity/
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