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Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: River, Studio Project
Zeitraum: 10/2018 bis 01/2019
Beschreibung: RIVER Over the last two years the studio has travelled from the city centre to the periphery, from flatlands to mountainscapes. This year we will concentrate on the thread that ties a large part of the Austrian landscape together, the River Danube. We will inhabit a diversity of sites along the river, from cities, to villages, to unpopulated landscapes. Our projects will have to contend with ecological dynamics and engineering realities: currents, torrents, flood plains, watersheds and the systems in place to manage them. EDUCATION During the Enlightenment and liberal revolutions in Europe between the 17th and 20th centuries, the division between Church and State exacted a significant change in the way social values were established and communicated. As automation shifts the way we live, play and work, we are witnessing a similar revolution in education. As we experience dramatic transformations in demographics, identity politics, our relation to technology and wealth distribution, we will ask how learning systems can react to this rapidly changing social landscape. We will develop models of education that go beyond the architecture to establish new pedagogical systems, new institutional and economic strategies and new ways to establish consensus on social values. Will recognisable frameworks dissolve? Will curricula become dynamic rather than standardised? Will the student body be nomadic or multi-generational?
URL: http://studio-sejima-vienna.com
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