Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Umbrasaite, Indre Univ.-Ass. Mag.arch.

Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: Village & Landscape II, Studio Project
Zeitraum: 03/2018 bis 06/2018
Beschreibung: The semester will build on many of the themes that were established during our previous investigation of South Burgenland. We continue to ask if an architectural proposal can rearrange, sustain or even create a sense of community. We continue to ground or investigations on a clear reading of context. However, as our focus shifts to the opposite end of Austria, where one encounters a radically different topographical, cultural, and material context, we have to modify our questions and fine-tune our investigations. This semester deals with Lech am Arlberg, a small alpine village in Vorarlberg, Austria’s westernmost province. Sitting at 1400 m, nestled in a picturesque mountain valley, Lech is not only a textbook example of what one would expect from an alpine resort, but arguably the pre-mier ski destination in a country that defines a large part of its identity on the slopes. As such, Lech presents new contextual dynamics. At a building scale, we examine two programmatic guidelines on separate sites in the town centre. The programs are loosely defined by their function as 1) Cultural Space 2) Living Space. Both programs are defined by their qualities as communal spaces. By plugging these otherwise neutral programs into a larger village narrative based on a study of context, our building designs will produce unexpected, yet site-specific results. The complexity of the building program forces our designs to deal with architecture at a larger scale, requiring a different approach towards structure and materiality.
URL: http://studio-sejima-vienna.com
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