Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Umbrasaite, Indre Univ.-Ass. Mag.arch.


Titel der Veranstaltung: “Shifting Perspectives“ Symposium
VeranstalterIn: Architect Algimantas Zaviša Fund
Titel des Vortrags: Embodied Togetherness (keynote speaker)
Zeitraum: 07.09.2018 bis 08.09.2018
Beschreibung: Design and planing is largely driven by the standards of ergonomics (in other words, science of efficiency and comfort) and economics (optimisation and management). But the understanding of standards and along with it human scale, which is the main subject of it, is relative to its time and socio-cultural, political and environmental condition; therefor, it is responsive and receptive. It can and needs to be re-created. The talk will address aims, methods and projects of the spatial design workshop “Embodied Togetherness“, which took place in Nida autumn 2017, and was organised as the collaboration between the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte) and Vilnius Academy of Arts. Based on the creative cognitive and physical spatial exploration methods, workshop participants monitored their individual - personal and social behaviour in the space and with it. Three student groups studied spatial character of their chosen locations of nearly devoid of deterministic functional schemes of the build environment Curonian Spit landscape, in order to decipher and formulate their authentic relationships with and within the local, and by designing new spatial structures, in the form of a meeting place, to embody a unique and novel genius loci.
URL: http://www.architekturumai.lt/wp-content/uploads/AZF_2018_Kvietimas-Programa.pdf
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