Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Pfeifer, Silke Univ.-Lekt. Mag.art. PhD


Titel der Veranstaltung: INTERVENTIONS: Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education
VeranstalterIn: European InSEA Congress 2018 in Aalto University, Finland
Titel des Vortrags: Arrival Cities. Exploring Urban Development through City Maps (selected presenter)
Zeitraum: 17.06.2018 bis 21.06.2018
Co-Vortragende(r): Sibylle Bader
Beschreibung: The workshop refers to a current art educational project at a Viennese secondary school: ‘Arrival City Vienna’ will be realized with students at the age of 13 years. The main aim of the project is to introduce students to reflecting social changes by dealing with topics of immigration and urban development. Similar to the project with the students, the workshop will initiate a collective process of analyzing city maps of different European cities. In small groups, the participants are asked to deal with cities they don’t live in and don’t know very well. As ‘strangers’ they will discuss and interpret urban development readable in the city maps by analyzing urban structures. As a second step, main research questions and key findings of the project ‘Arrival City Vienna’ will be picked up and related to the participants’ findings in the workshop. As a result, it is aimed to create a collaborative map representing the participants’ involvement with ‘Arrival Cities’ and their engagement with the challenges and opportunities of this phenomenon.
URL: http://https://www.wanderklasse.at/arrival-city-vienna.html
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