Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jonkhans, Anja Sen.Art. Dipl.arch. M.arch.


Veranstaltung: INNOCHAIN CONFERENCE: Expanding information modelling for a new material age
VeranstalterIn: CITA , Kopenhagen (Dänemark)
Zeitraum: 08.11.2018 bis 09.11.2018
Beschreibung: Information modelling challenge the way we think, design and build architecture. By creating a shared digital platform it enables the emergence of a new hybrid practice in which otherwise separate tools and methodologies of design, analysis and fabrication can intersect. Current design practice is invested in the prototyping of these new methodologies. Across the building industry and in research we see a collective push for understanding how this new digital chain can be structured, what are productive exchanges and how a new sense of feedback can lead to smarter design solutions. What is at stake here is the future of the information model. Expanding simple BIM with more complex requirements to engage and capitalize on analysis, to steer multi objective design spaces and to interface and control fabrication necessitates new kinds of representations that can handle data rich design enquiries, enable collaboration and manage the complex and cyclical nature of feedback. The InnoChain conference presents the leading examples of this hybrid design practice. We call for the submission of innovative projects from practice and research that highlight strategies and tools for interdisciplinary collaboration, advanced design optimisation and material rethinking.
URL: http://innochain.net/conference/
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