Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jonkhans, Anja Sen.Art. Dipl.arch. M.arch.


Einrichtung / Gremium: Teaching artistic research
Tätigkeit: scientific reviewer (Jury)
Zeitraum: 01.04.2018 bis 01.05.2018
Beschreibung: With art as research becoming an established paradigm in art education, several questions arise. How do we educate young artists to actively engage in the production of knowledge and aesthetic experiences in an expanded field? What are some of the role models that we can look to when we speak about hybrid practices and artistic research? How do we best prepare students to carry out their own artistic research? What can we allow in the curriculum to accommodate a changed learning, making, and research landscape? And how is teaching “art” different from teaching “artistic research”? What particular abilities and competencies should a teacher of artistic research have? http://www.didactic-art.org/index.php?id=teaching_artistic_research
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