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Name: Rachel Mayeri
Herkunftsinstitution: Harvey Mudd College (Los Angeles, Vereinigte St. v. Amerika)
Zweck des Aufenthalts: Vortrag und Workshop
Zeitraum: 02.04.2018 bis 12.04.2018
Beschreibung: In her artist talk and the following workshop on "Nonhuman Kingdoms: A Fantastic Journey from Primates to Microbes" the US-American artist Rachel Mayeri presented excerpts from a series of video experiments about apes and monkeys entitled Primate Cinema, as well as more recent films inspired by the microbiome and environmental degradation. The study of nonhuman primates and bacteria both de-center human identity, a process of alienation that is useful for art. The primate order places human identity on a continuum with animals, enabling us to see unsettling similarities with other apes, and through research and observation, to see our differences more clearly as we see animals as individuals rather than types. In Baboons as Friends, Rachel Mayeri “translates” field footage of a baboon sexual drama into a human film noir. In Apes as Family, she creates a film for a captive chimpanzee audience. Her work with primates employs video as a mirror and a prism for viewing ourselves: just as the “mirror test” is used to confirm whether an animal or baby has a “theory of mind,” an understanding of self and other.
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