Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Deifel, Valerie Univ.-Ass. Mag.phil. Dr.phil.

Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehre

Lehrtätigkeit: Artscience practises
Zeitraum: 01.10.2018 bis 31.01.2019
Mitverantwortlich: Brishty Alam
Beschreibung: In the academic year 2018/19 we would like to explore questions related to the future of work and what ‘a good life’ could mean through our 'Artscience practises' seminar. Currently we experience the promise of jobs as a powerful actor (whether its through the threat of decreasing due to automatisation, immigration, urbanisation, or justification to give tax-breaks). Through lectures, workshops and excursions we want to use the winter and summer semester to speculate on what work could be and what would frame our state of happiness if moral implications and definitions are changing.
URL: http://base.uni-ak.ac.at/courses/2018W/S01496/
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