Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Jalka, Susanne Univ.-Lekt. DDr.

Arbeitsschwerpunkte / laufende Projekte

Bezeichnung: Routes of Peace and Nonviolence: projects and experiences
Auftraggeberin: International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Padua, Italy
Zeitraum: 10/2018 bis 10/2018
Beschreibung: 2018 marks the end of the centenary of the First World War. In our country, celebrations, historical re-enactments, but also opportunities for research and analysis, either of innovative and critical type, in particular along the lines of what we can define as memory, have been many and various. Now, "lessons from history” must not be undoubtedly underestimated. And with regard to the Great War and the subsequent decades - as Pope Francis has duly highlighted in his address to the Diplomatic Corps, on the 8th of January 2018 - these lessons are at least two. Once the conflict has ended, you should not humiliate those who were your enemies; secondly, it is necessary to build a climate and hence relationships and structures, in which the various States can discuss in a climate of equality. But if it is true that the past has something to teach, we think that even desires or dreams - as Martin Luther King would have said that - and therefore the future can question - not judge - the present and so constitute a stimulus to identify routes of peace. And in Europe, local communities - once even enemies during wartime - can collaborate by sharing this type of planning ability. Preliminary
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