Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Salzmann, Karl Mag.art.

Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehre

Lehrtätigkeit: detect / record / display
Zeitraum: 01.10.2016 bis 19.06.2017
Beschreibung: In the seminar detect-record-display we will elaborate on various possibilities for signal detection (i.e. audio, video, light and digital data). These will then be implemented in individual project works. The aim of the course is that the participants learn how to develop their own detectors and to store, visualise and translate the outcomes. The findings of these processes will then be featured as objects, installations or performances in consideration of context, space and theory. Participants will learn the skills and competence to work and experiment with simple electronic circuits. Another focus is set on the aesthetical implementation. Therefor craftsmanship as well as theoretical strategies will be mediated and discussed.
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