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Bezeichnung: Hackers and Designers Summer Academy: Coded Bodies
Einrichtung: Hackers and Designers Amsterdam
Zeitraum: 15.07.2019 bis 26.07.2019
Beschreibung: Hackers and Designers Summer Academy: Coded Bodies

The 5th edition of the H&D Summer Academy focuses on topics relating to the (human, post-human, trans-human, non-human) body and its interdependence with technology. By creating shared moments of learning and unlearning, H&D invites participating makers to get their hands dirty, all the while discussing topics related to ubiquitous computing, disappearance of interfaces, transhumanism, digitized bodies, biometric data, agency of user, representation and citizenship…

In the summer of 2019 Hackers & Designers brings together an international group of ambitious makers (hackers/designers/artists) to collectively engage with technology. During the 10 day program, consisting of workshops, lectures, and publishing activities, tutors and mentors become participants, participants will become workshop leaders – everyone will be taken on the collective venture of shared responsibility, bringing in one’s own expertise, urgencies and experience. The program addresses makers who are not afraid to open, break and rethink software and hardware, learning by doing, and recognize the importance of researching the various consequences that arise in our contemporary information society.
URL: http://www.hackersanddesigners.nl/s/Activities/p/Summer_Academy_2019:_Coded_Bod
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