Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Bruckmann, Marcus Sen.Art. Mag. art.


Veranstaltung: Cumulus Conference
VeranstalterIn: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Bratislava (Slowakei)
Zeitraum: 11.10.2007 bis 14.10.2007
Beschreibung: The manifold relations between design and art, society, and politics of production are this autumn’s conference theme. This theme reverberates in the contemporary academic field of design and architecture, as well as among practitioners interested in exploring the developments and understanding the situation not only in Central/ Eastern Europe. In the four sessions, the speakers from Austria, the Czech Republic, Norway, Canada, Germany, and Slovakia will explore: The questions of mutual influence of visual art and design, the products intersecting these two realms, and their place and role in effecting the material culture. The situation in design production in Slovakia, its regional conditions, challenges and solutions The question of development of the urban space in Central/Eastern European region, inherited concepts and inadequacies, and ideas in the field of architecture Development and effects of various strategies of production, particularly questioning the diverse solutions within the car design and automotive production.
URL: http://www.vsvu.sk/cumulus/conference_theme/
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