Aktivitäten und Erfolge von Clarke, Alison Jane Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. dr.littD.h.c. MA (RCA)

Interdisziplinäre / projektorientierte Lehre

Lehrtätigkeit: Slow Fashion
Partnereinrichtung: Research Centre for Fashion, Body and Material Cultures, Univ. of Arts London
Zeitraum: 15.04.2008 bis 30.06.2013
Mitverantwortlich: Alistair O, Joanne Entwistle, Shaun Cole
Beschreibung: The increasing demands of the ‘fast’ fashion industry, the development of new technologies and the subsequent decline in time-consuming traditional hand-based practices within the fashion industry are all driving a need to look at innovative ways of harnessing creativity to address the complexities of the market through a consideration of time. Framing itself within the ethos of slow, deriving from the Italian ‘Slow Food’ movement, this project will investigate how specific practices that encourage a consideration and slowing down of time frames for design and manufacture would impact on the style markets, and examine how specific geographic and cultural sites offer different temporalities of fashion in terms of consumption and production.
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